dosier de mobiliario Strip

Strip: universally designed street furniture

We are launching our catalogue! Our Strip furniture comes to the market as a system for creating inclusive urban areas. A street furniture design in collaboration with HABI Accessible.

Conceived from the DALCO Criteria UNE 170001-1 Standard for Accessibility in the environment, the furniture appropriates the environment in a game of dynamism and functional possibilities. Through it, inclusive spaces are generated, capable of responding to different uses and encouraging socialisation, learning and teamwork.

mobiliario strip en aula exterior de la UMA

Strip furniture as an urban landmark

The project idea was based on the design of a multi-purpose piece of furniture, the configuration of which would respond to a spined axis system. The aim is that it could be recognised as a whole as a sculptural landmark. However, it is also a sufficiently fragmented system to generate more spongy assemblages in the urban layout.

This furniture design allows for configurations such as standing or seated work, use as a picnic area, a place for reading, relaxation or study. But also as an exhibition, improvised theatre, projections, training, grandstand, agora, meeting point, etc. An accessible space that can be used for a variety of purposes such as outdoor classrooms, recreational areas, etc.

dibujo isométrico del mobiliario Strip

Morphologically, we are talking about furniture designed according to the principles of ergonomics. Designed for comfort according to the percentiles of human measurements, with simple and refined lines. Within this orthogonality, there is a dialogue of pieces offset from each other. These offsets generate gaps, protrusions and various arrangements. These gestures of position of some elements in relation to others are responsible for providing the dynamism we are looking for, together with the functionality and accessibility of the whole.

mobiliario Strip en Córdoba

On the other hand, the use of colour takes on great importance from the perspective of design and the role it plays within the urban fabric. The intention is that the ensemble can be perceived as a focus of attraction and a reference point to become a social meeting place. The colour itself provides a fresh, young and energetic aesthetic.

a design for all

The furniture is designed without overhangs or protruding elements that hinder the mobility of visually impaired people.

mobiliario Strip azul en Córdoba

The arrangement of the furniture generates the necessary spaces for wheelchairs or to facilitate their use by people with reduced mobility. In addition, the set allows walking and integrates signage adapted to people with cognitive and/or visual limitations.

On the other hand, the high-contrast colour helps to make the whole area highly visible and easily identifiable for people with visual and cognitive impairments. In turn, the braille plaques support this visual accessibility to identify each piece of furniture individually.

In short, the requirements of:


Visual accessibility

Cognitive accessibility. Accessible communication through signage with simple pictograms.

It allows people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users to move around and use it.

With the variety of furniture, groupings and colours possible, the aim is to create a quality urban impact, creating spaces of interest, versatile, colourful, attractive and for everyone.

piezas del mobiliario strip en aula exterior

And finally, the material of which each piece of furniture is made, responds to sustainability criteria.

You can already see the Strip furniture applied in these two urban spaces.

  1. Outdoor classroom for the Faculty of Education Sciences at the University of Malaga.
  2. Rest area for the Royal Botanical Garden of Cordoba

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dosier de mobiliario Strip

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