separador ecológico de impresión 3D de origen vegetal

New sustainable materials in Orgatec 2022

At the end of last year we shared with you our experience at the Orgatec 2022 office design fair in Cologne, Germany. We even created our own TOP 6 office trends, which you can read on our blog. We saw so much that we wanted to tell you about a section that left us impressed: the new sustainable materials.

We discover a multitude of innovative solutions that champion efficiency, sustainability and the reuse of degradable materials.

Sustainable and innovative materials

And we say solutions because, yes, it’s not just about materials. Some of the most striking for us were:

Stone Cycling. So far they have recycled more than 2 million kg of construction and demolition waste. They manufacture bricks and tiles ceramic pieces containing at least 60% waste, which are suitable for exterior and interior use and which represent an offset production of CO2.

In addition, they have developed ceramic tiles that are 20% lighter and 60% stronger than concrete and 95% less CO2 emitting than traditional cement, as their manufacture is based on a cement growth process using bacteria. These new sustainable materials are suitable for facades, interior walls and flooring.

Krill Design. Creation of lamps as a patented, circular system using 3D printing as a manufacturing process.

The material is made from orange peels and a biopolymer base.

At the end of its useful life, it is fully compostable.

PineSkins. A versatile coating made from the inner bark of pine trees, a product left over from the felling of trees, which speaks of alternative realities for the timber industry. It is also a flexible material.

Materiales sostenibles de lámina de madera para revestimientos

NUO Design, Kafeeleda. Textile-based coatings and wood or coffee powder finishes form skins with breathable, flexible and environmentally friendly surfaces.

Neolign Board. Wood-based material, recyclable, made of 83% wood shavings, paint and polymers.

Scalite. A sustainable material generated from fish scales. A polymer and the mineral content already present in the scales are used to generate the base material, a powder that is compressed to form sheets. It contains no resins or artificial glues, is fully recyclable and can be coloured.

materiales sostenibles scalite hecho de escamas

other solutions

Aectual Circular. A form of XL digital production that provides solutions through 3D printing of plant-based plastic material while being 100% circular. In other words, it allows the material to be recovered, recycled and reprinted directly to create new products.

separador de impresión 3D de nuevos materiales sostenibles

Hardcore Furniture. Cork as a material that can be used for different applications and manufacturing processes. But in this case, for the manufacture of furniture.

Urban Beta. Wood construction methods with the creation of a system of knots that make flexible, evolutive and reversible architecture possible.

Vank wellbioing. A design of furniture and acoustic partition panels made from a biocomposite based on flax and hemp fibres. It is office furniture with a much lower carbon footprint than the usual ones. They use fast-growing plants that do not require excessive watering and fertilisation, making it sustainable to renew them annually.

estantería y separador bio con nuevos materiales sostenibles

Ecoblaq. Non-toxic wood colour treatment based on a natural chemical reaction that causes the wood to change colour uniformly. It involves no contamination of the wood, which can be reused, recycled, composted or maintained to last year after year.

Madera tratada con Ecoblanq en Orgatec 2022

For us, Orgatec 2022 has been a source of inspiration and motivation to make our projects spaces that look to the future with respect and care for the environment. We look forward to the next one, stay tuned for updates!

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