feria de muebles de oficinas Orgatec 2022

Our TOP 6 office trends: Orgatec 2022

A few days ago Filbak had the opportunity to attend the leading office furniture fair in Cologne (Germany): Orgatec 2022. There, we gathered all the inspiration, trends and motivation we could to tell you what is being worked on in the field of interior design for the offices of the future.

In general, we could see that team well-being is at the top of the podium of the objectives for today’s workspaces. But beyond comfort, they all seek to inspire and encourage collaboration by being versatile, flexible and efficient spaces.

stand de mobiliario de diseño en Orgatec 2022

Our Orgatec top 6

1. As we said, well-being and in particular comfort, both visual and acoustic, takes first place alongside energy efficiency and sustainability. Luminaires that integrate acoustics beautifully, such as those by Flexxica. Booths and cabins of all sizes perfectly equipped for numerous meetings or individual work. Sound-absorbing panels in a myriad of textures, shapes and colours, recycled materials, etc.

2. Mobility. There are many possibilities for creating flexible offices with the wide range of mobile furniture and devices. We are talking about meeting tables, dividing panels, bench-type tables, booths, side tables… But the movable concept does not only apply to furniture, but also to the user itself. Systems that allow you to work on the move, running on a treadmill or even cycling, and we loved Walkolution‘s proposals.

3. Disconnection in the office. Another of the protagonists, without a doubt, were the spaces for disconnecting. Starting with relaxation furniture, where we highlight those by Loook, but also elements for playing games such as billiards, baskets, darts, table football as nice as those by RS Barcelona.

4. Colour range. In addition, we come to appreciate a predominant colour palette, based on desaturated colours such as mustard, earth tones or olive green. Elegant and soft colours that favour the work environment.

booth acústico en Orgatec 2022

5. Care for design. Finally, our attention was drawn to the rise and intentionality in the design of furniture by many Polish companies. Do not miss the proposals of Balma, Mute, Noti or Vank.

mobiliario de diseño para oficinas

6. We will end this compilation on Orgatec 2022 with a topic that comes as no surprise to anyone. The home office is still very much present at this furniture fair. Needless to say, the pandemic has changed us all and has changed the way we understand offices. Maybe for good?

home office monocolor en Orgatec 2022

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