Accessible meeting point in the botanical garden of Córdoba.

Design and accessibility join forces to flood this outdoor space in the Royal Botanical Garden of Córdoba with dynamism, color and inclusion.

LOCATION | Royal Botanical Garden of Córdoba (Spain)


Cordoba City Council (Spain)


Photography Lolo Mestanza, Structure Marián García, Accessibility HABI Diseño accesible

CATEGORY | accessible design, urban furniture, furniture design, accessible furniture, adapted furniture, inclusive space, inclusive design

mobiliario accesible en el Jardín Botánico de Córdoba

Our accessible urban furniture arrives in Córdoba. The Córdoba City Council needed to set up an open-air lounge area in the Royal Botanical Garden of Córdoba. They opted for this furniture adapted for the meeting area where visitors receive the first explanations prior to the guided tours.

detalle de parte baja de mesa azul

Designed in collaboration with HABI Accessible, it combines aesthetics and accessibility. The elements are conceived according to the DALCO Criteria for accessibility in the environment. They allow ambulation and integrate signage adapted to the use of people with visual limitations.

mobiliario urbano accesible color azul en Córdoba

Its versatile and colorful character means that it can be recognized as a sculptural landmark and a focal point of attraction. But the use of color, far from being only an aesthetic (en la version española pone la palabra “una” repetida dos veces al rededor de la palabra”unicamente”) decision, also plays a role in accessibility. The high-contrast color makes it easier for people with visual and cognitive limitations to recognize it.

Accessible urban furniture that, in addition to being for everyone, is capable of generating spaces of interest: versatile and attractive. The variety of modules available allows us to respond to different needs that may arise.

By playing with the furniture or experimenting with the arrangement, very diverse groupings can be achieved. From leaving space for wheelchairs, to generating a small grandstand, rest areas, food, debate or even an agora… A modular and flexible system that sets no limits.

mobiliario urbano accesible azul en uso

As a result, a space full of life, striking and that invites you to stay.

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