alumna llegando al colegio Miraflores en Málaga

Create, implement, communicate: Miraflores school video

After the space branding project, now we present you the video of the Miraflores de los Ángeles school in Malaga. We tell you the whole work process, the connection with the neighborhood and the final result.

a new identity to communicate

It is a comprehensive project where we start with the design of the new corporate identity of the center and end up invading the patio, classrooms and corridors with the new brand universe. The color, the dynamism, the signage and the new spaces, such as the garden, add value to the school.

However, in many cases it is as important to carry out the changes as to transmit them.

Therefore, we present the video we have made for the Miraflores de los Ángeles school in Malaga.

In it, the whole project is told from the point of view of a young girl. Topics such as the essence of the neighborhood, interculturality, the projection of the school towards the neighborhood and the illusion of the students shape the content.

the strength is in the joining

For the entire Filbak team it has been a very exciting project, where we have been able to count on great collaborators.

Psychologists and educators (Diego and Sara) have participated to give the identity workshops with the students. Going through beekeepers and gardeners for the creation of the school garden, by the hand of BeeGarden. And, finally, we have the audiovisual production company Peripheria Films, capable of showing all the beauty of the project; because a picture is worth a thousand words.

In addition, the Miraflores school video shows the work process marked by cooperation, co-creation and creativity. In this sense, involving the entire educational community was key in the project, so that everyone felt part of the change.

excellence is achieved with diversity. The best ideas come when you invite everyone to participate.

Dava Newman, deputy director of NASA

Finally, this summary video becomes a magnificent tool for the school to publicize its new corporate identity, put it in value and become a benchmark for other schools in the city.

You can see the video in the following link:

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