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The 10 phases of a project in our studio

As an interior design studio, at Filbak we have optimized our work process until we feel comfortable with the phases of a project, while offering efficient solutions. Today we collect in these lines what is our current work process and what we contribute at each stage to the final achievement of the project.

a tour of the phases of a project

For this, we will guide you using as an example the space branding project developed for Sagardoy Abogados in Malaga. Coinciding with the recent anniversary of the start of the works, you will discover how the process of this interior design project was. Stay, we have started!

the prelude to creativity

There is no interior design project without the client-space cocktail. As interior designers we need to know and collect as much information as possible to begin the work process.

First, we visit the space and establish a first contact with the client to learn about the main premises of the project. However, we do not go ahead without the briefing. It is a document with a questionnaire format in which needs, objectives, preferences… are reflected. Thus we reach a better understanding with the client and it serves as a fundamental tool to give a result as close as possible to what our client needs.

Construction management phase of a project in Filbak

In this second phase, we go on to analyze the briefing, we put all the information on the table and we take perspective of what the work is going to entail. We define deadlines, create a schedule, organize ourselves and inform the client.

Next, we do a large data collection of the project space. We revisit the space, take measurements, photographs and other useful information.

interior design

For the fourth phase of the project, we already have enough information to start letting creativity fly. This is a time for brainstorming, inspiration, searching for references, first sketches and laying the foundations for what interior design will be like.

Aesthetic phase an interior design project at Filbak

Next, with all the previous inputs, we proceed to define formal solutions collected in a basic project. We carry out different proposals for the distribution of space taking into account all the needs of the client and seeking maximum efficiency.

Before and after of an office interior design project

In sixth place, we make aesthetic decisions and prepare a document in which we collect the basic project with the chosen distribution. It is a very complete and visual dossier in which we show the client the aesthetics or look and feel of each of the project’s spaces.

We collect the materiality, spatiality, furniture, colors, textures, lighting, etc. This is the time for sketches, physical samples of materials, fabrics and any element that has a place in the project. Each resource is good if it helps the client understand the project and visualize it as well as possible.

sketch phase of an interior design project in Filbak

The seventh phase consists of making decisions and carrying out the execution project. At this point in the process, we define each corner of the project in detail with all that that entails: final layouts, infographics, measurements, elaboration of detailed budgets and material orders.

infographic phase of an interior design project in Filbak

Then the execution of the work begins. We come into contact with the different trades, make final decisions, provide constructive solutions, deal with suppliers and monitor and control the work.

This stage, although it is the longest, is the most satisfactory. It is when something that had been in our minds before begins to become physical. But above all, it is when the client finally begins to visualize the idea that we have been working on in real life.

from our studio to the world

The final touch of the phases of an interior design project, according to our work process, is to carry out the last revisions on site, clean and furnish. Now yes, our client can live the space.

Final phase of the office Interior design project in Malaga

However, we do not end it until we take the photographic session of the result. It is a moment of absolute fulfillment in which we see finished what we imagined months ago.

Now, our client can enjoy our work, and we have all the material to launch it to the world and give it the diffusion it deserves.

This is our work process, the one that currently serves us. It is the one that led us to achieve the final result of Sagardoy’s interior design project (you can see it here) and it is the one that helps us to carry out each interior design project on a daily basis. It allows us to be consistent with our creative process and with customer requirements.

summary of the project phases

To finish we leave you a list of the 10 phases of a project according to our work process:

  1. First contact + briefing
  2. Schedules, budgets, …
  3. Data collection
  4. Inspiration
  5. Basic project
  6. Aesthetics dossier
  7. Construction project
  8. Execution phase
  9. Reviews, cleaning and furnishing
  10. Photo session and communication of the project.

To learn more about interior design, you can find other projects that we have developed on our website. To tell us what you think and keep up to date, follow us on our social networks, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln and Pinterest. We will wait for you!

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