Caterpillar’s grandstand toilets

The interior design is characterized by the use of colour and the contrast between the curved lines provided by the wave sheet steel and the pure, rationalist lines of the space. A set of textures, geometries and lights that make for a memorable customer experience.

LOCATION | PTA, Technological Park of Andalusia, Malaga

AREA | 32m²




Construction Verosa, Photography Peripheria Films

CATEGORY | interior design, interior design, interior design, office, bathroom design, toilet design, corporate toilet, graphic design, brand application, spatial branding, corporate design, comprehensive design, comprehensive reform

Industrial interior design for Caterpillar Grandstand toilet

brief and corporate interior design

Caterpillar Malaga is a demonstration and learning centre, located next to the TPA (Technological Park of Andalusia). One of the main spaces of its facilities is the Grandstand. Consequently, the importance of the toilet corporate design carried out.

The grandstand is a large stand whose backdrop is nature with the most cutting-edge international construction machinery in full operation.

View of the Caterpillar Málaga Tribune

Thousands of people from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States turn up each year to see demonstrations of Caterpillar products and receive technical training on their machines and engines.

On this occasion, the challenge as architects and interior designers was to carry out the toilet corporate interior design for this training and demonstration space. Carrying out good corporate design, applying the brand to the space and creating a positive customer experience were the main premises for the interior design.

Space branding in Caterpillar grandstand bathroom

space branding concept

The toilet corporate interior design of the Grandstand becomes one more opportunity to build brand image and reflect the values of the company.

Space branding invades each and every corner of Caterpillar in Malaga, carefully designing the spaces and applying the methodology of strategic interior design to each project carried out for this powerful international brand.

The interior design project is inspired by one of Caterpillar’s main industries: construction.

To this end, materials are selected that speak of the industrial aesthetics that characterize the brand, while applying corporate colours to the space in suggestive and unexpected ways..

The interplay of textures, geometries and lights make for a memorable customer experience, achieving the ‘wow effect’ so desired by the client.

Interior design of urinals in Caterpillar's Grandstand toilet

For the layout, two different areas are created. A previous sinks area with a play of reflections and greater amplitude which generates the social relationship between visitors, separated from a second area that contains the toilet and urinal cabins where privacy is the main premise of the design.

interior design and materiality: a play on perspectives

The corporate interior design and the full bathroom renovation was carried out in record time, thanks to the optimization of the construction process.

Indirect light detail in Caterpillar corporate toilet

A geometric interplay is created by the contrast between the curved lines provided by the small wave sheet steel and the pure, rationalist lines of the interior space of the bathroom.

Yellow and metal shett for Caterpillar's industrial design

The use of mirrors adds to the effect, visually expanding the space and becoming a canvas where the different textures converge.

Corporate design of the Caterpillar Málaga grandstand toilet

An epoxy resin floor is chosen that provides hardness and durability to the interior design, while aligning with the brand’s own industrial aesthetics.

contrasts and brand experience in the toilet corporate interior design

The Grandstand is perfectly integrated into the environment thanks to the use of neutral and earth colours chosen for the exterior.

Signage design for the Caterpillar grandstand facade

The sobriety of the facade is kept and the design of the bathroom signage is carried out. It is committed to a modern and large-scale single-colour graphic design that provides functionality to the experience of large groups of users.

Caterpillar corporate bathroom sink design

Employees and visitors will go from visualizing neutral and earth colours from the landscape to experiencing a corporate colour explosion.

Moodboard of the grandstand toilet at Caterpillar