packaging design of the Kintsukuroi cover

The Japanese technique for repairing ceramics with gold “Kintsukuroi” is taken to the graphic design of the cover by Ayllón, singer-songwriter from Malaga. The libretto visualizes the restoration process, where each page shows a song and a healed wound.




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Packaging design of the Kintsukuroi cover

The packaging design of a product has to be part of the product and not a simple packaging. In this case, the product is a hymn to the process of healing the inner wounds of the Malaga singer-songwriter: Ayllón. Reflecting his sensitivity in design was our great challenge.

Packaging design for the Malaga artist Ayllón

Kintsukuroi is the Japanese gold ceramic repair technique. As the object returns to its being, the fact that it was once broken is valued.

It is the way to beautify the cracks of the soul, healed one by one through the songs on this album. The packaging design for this project represents the overlap of each of the wounds (cracks) healed with each song.

Graphic design for Ayllón's Kintsukuroi album

For the design of the libretto, it was decided to assign a repaired crack to each song. The overlapping of all the cracks make up the album cover. A process of restoration where each page shows a song and a healed wound.

With an elegant and simple aesthetic, that strong union is transmitted, which appears after the fragility and, which is supported by the stone appearance of the background. Gold, white and black. Delicacy and contrast.

Kitsukuroi cover design for Spotify

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