logo design for Grupo López Guillén

Redesign of the graphic identity of Grupo López Guillén. We created the logo and graphic identity for this corporation with more than 100 years of experience. A current, serious logo with the vitality of a group in constant change and growth.

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Grupo López Guillén


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creación de logotipo para Grupo López Guillén

In the creation of the logo and brand for Grupo López Guillén, the main objectives were two. On the one hand, to combine the different variants of logos with which they were shown, and on the other, to unite under the same image the group of companies that it represents.

It is a group that brings together leading companies at a national level in comprehensive logistics and manufacturing and marketing of construction materials. Based in Almería and with more than 100 years of experience, they wanted a corporate identity at the height of their professionalism.

Their starting brand was diluted between the variants of logo and colors they used. And although the differences were subtle, it detracted from its image. The challenge was to make a redesign that would reinforce them. A design with which they would continue to feel identified and that would represent the group of companies dedicated to different fields.

logotipos antiguos de Grupo López Guillén

the brand

We conceived a design that revolved around the concept of a building. This is a symbol of a corporation and a large company. It also helps to communicate the recent construction of its new headquarters in the port of Almería, in which we are also designing the spatial branding. In addition, the lines and perspective have also been played with to hide an “L” and a “G” in the isotype, in addition to providing movement to the whole.

versiones de logotipo para López Guillén

As for the font, a sans-serif font is chosen in its Bold variant. So, the result is a typeface that is easy to read and is a symbol of transparency and order.

colores y tipografía elegidos para Grupo López Guillén

The brand is complemented by a modern and vibrant palette, which aims to convey confidence through calm blue-purple, and dynamism and energy through orange.

A logo creation that seeks to make Grupo López Guillén recognizable for its more professional character.

Cartel publicitario para Grupo López Guillén

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