office building Grupo López Guillén

The interior design for the offices of Grupo López Guillén takes shape in its new building located in the port of Almería. A neutral container with touches of colour that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and embodies the essence of its corporation.

LOCATION | Port of Almería

AREA | 685 m²


Photography Lolo Mestanza

Engineering and construction Solutio

Signage Kronoprint

CATEGORY | interior design, office, office design, office design Almería, corporate office, graphic design, branding, space branding, corporate design, integral design, integral reform

fachada del edificio del Grupo López Guillén

On this occasion, an office design is developed in Almería. Located in the heart of the city’s port, the new building of the López Guillén Group brings together work spaces for its two companies: SALG and CAPA .

diseño de oficina en Almería para Grupo López Guillén

office design in Almería

The privileged location brings light into the workspaces, as well as views of the vast Mediterranean Sea.

The presence of the building in the port required visibility in its surroundings, both from inside the port and from the access to the city. By means of a façade solution, the finish has been chosen on the basis of the group’s corporate identity. In addition, a rhythm is generated in the opaque strips, which is achieved by indirect lighting from vertical profiles painted in the same colour.

diseño de fachada de edificio de oficinas
diseño interior de oficina en Almería

With its sights set on international expansion, Grupo López Guillén has more than 100 years of experience. During this time they have been able to become a national benchmark.

Filbak’s task was to make the building a space worthy of a corporation, reflecting the group’s brand. The aim was to create an open-plan layout with a neutral base, with touches of colour.

Espacio de trabajo abierto en oficina de Almería

space branding in the office

To achieve this, the strategy was to let the SALG and CAPA brands appear as neutral in white. Thus, the colour palette and the graphics used are based on the López Guillén Group brand, focusing the spatial branding mainly on representing the group.

Diseño de acceso de oficina en Almería

On the other hand, colour appears in the interior design, where each meeting room is assigned a colour. This colour is achieved with materials from the CAPA brand, dedicated to the production and commercialisation of mortars. In this way, the brand image is transferred to the space in a new space branding project.

Each material is applied to one of the walls, making it the protagonist. In this way, all the meeting rooms in the building create a sort of XL showroom for the brand.

Diseño phonebox de oficina en Almería

Another point where the colour stands out from the neutrality of the whole are the three phone boxes made to offer that extra privacy to the workers and to work inside them. Three cabins attached to an open work space, acoustically conditioned.

Microoficinas del diseño de oficina en Almería

Finally, for this office design in Almería, it was important to take into account the characteristics of the furniture to be installed. This had to meet the requirements of functionality and be integrated into the neutrality of the whole.

sala de reuniones en diseño de oficina en Almería

In general, the spaciousness of the exterior environment is introduced into an interior in which transparency and open spaces stand out. A building that reflects a brand identity inserted in a luminous environment.

Diseño de rotulación de SALG

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