triple publicación del proyecto para Sagardoy

Filbak crosses borders with a triple publication

When a client is happy with the result of a project and the space speaks for the brand, our feeling is irremediable. Satisfaction with the work done. But if, in addition, at the discretion of different means of dissemination of office design it is interesting to be published, happiness invades us.

And it is that up to three magazines have included one of our projects among their pages. Specifically, the space branding carried out for Sagardoy Abogados at its headquarters in Malaga. Grateful for the dissemination that this implies and the visibility it offers us internationally, we leave you the links so that you can find us:

You can now find the new Sagardoy Abogados offices in Malaga at:


Office Snapshots

Distrito Oficina number 19-2021 in paper edition

diseño de iluminación ambiental en Sagardoy

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