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New workspaces: the home office

That teleworking has come to stay is a reality that few deny. And well managed, it is one of the few good things that the pandemic has brought us. Málaga Workbay arises from this situation, promoting the city of Málaga as the best place to work and telework. So much so that Google itself has opted for Malaga for its new cybersecurity center.

new spatial needs

This trend is directly translated into the appearance of a new type of workspace: the home office. Something that has always existed, but is now becoming more professional and reaching many more homes.

To new needs, new spaces.

Today’s home office design adapts to the technological requirements that today demand. In addition, the ideal is to find an environment that is different from the rest of the house. The goal is always to establish boundaries between professional and personal life, so that teleworking is carried out in the healthiest way possible.

diseño de home office en ático

home office design in Malaga

In the reform of homes with a professional purpose, you do not always have a space as differentiated as the one you are about to see. So from the beginning, the premise of separating the work environment from the home, was something gained in this reform.

Adapting a space at home for teleworking usually implies dispensing with some other use. However, in this case, the project consisted of taking advantage of a disused upper space. A dark and compartmentalized space between the slab that separates the upper floor of the house with the roof.

diseño de home office en Málaga

The slab had a hole that had been planned in the works years ago, considering the possibility of incorporating an attic to the house. A staircase was designed to give access to that attic in the most comfortable way possible.

The handrail is responsible for linking the new staircase with the existing one. Almost as if the performance of the attic descended to invade the house on all its floors.

At the top, we pay special attention to lighting. The objective: to design a bright, comfortable and comfortable place to teleworking.

For this, partitions were eliminated in order to create a single flexible space, which gained natural light through the opening of a window on the roof.

iluminación del ático reformado

The combination of white and the aesthetics of wood, together with natural and artificial light, makes this home office the star space of the home.

diseño de home office en Málaga

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