Caterpillar Technology Experience

The interior design of the technology showroom functions as a container with light effects that houses Caterpillar’s cutting-edge technology.

LOCATION | PTA, Campanillas, Málaga

AREA | 275 m²




Builder Verosa, Graffiti Play in Colors, Signing Kronoprint, Photography Lolo Mestanza, Pablo Iranzo

CATEGORY | interior design, space branding, corporate interior design, specialized space design, architecture, interior architecture, space design, technologicy showroom, technological experience, technological room interior design, technological design, design of technology office, technology design, showroom design

technology showroom Caterpillar Malaga

Caterpillar Malaga, a world leader in construction machinery, gives another twist to the user experience and creates its new technology showroom.

The Technology Experience holds its most cutting-edge technology with a stunning wow effect that surprises visitors.

A training and demonstration space with simulators, through which users learn to operate the machinery without being physically on them. Or, also, remote controls to move real machines in real time.

lighting detail at Caterpillar technology experience

This scenario, which beforehand might seem like sci-fi, is already a reality in Malaga.

As interior designers, the objective was to create an environment at this level of innovation that would allow maximum flexibility to take on the constant evolutions and changes.

A technology showroom where the experience starts outdoors

Caterpillar Malaga has extensive facilities next to the Tech-Park of Andalusia. From the entrance to the building, the space branding accompanies visitors.

Therefore, the user experience and the brand universe become the fundamental premises in the design of their facilities. You can see other projects that follow this line in office design, interior design of training rooms, restaurant design, corporate toilets or ephemeral architecture for office.

The technology room is located under the large rostrum of the Training and Demonstration Center.

grandstand at Caterpillar Malaga

From vast grounds with specialized earthmoving machines, the user experience starts from the outside.

Before entering the Technology Experience, visitors can already sense that something is happening. The idea is to create interest by making the entrance which frames the technology room take center stage.

For this purpose, Play in Colors, who was in charge of coloring the floor and walls, collaborated with us. An explosion of geometries and colors takes you into the technology showroom interior design.

exterior of technology showroom at Caterpillar Malaga
outdoor signage in Caterpillar's technological room

technology showroom interior design

The space was compartmentalized into several training rooms. The first change was to unify everything in a single open space, where the powerful structure of the grandstand stands could be seen.

distribution technology showroom Caterpillar Malaga

EThe goal was to create a neutral container with few elements but prioritizing that these had enough power to create a distinctive result

Caterpillar TX technology showroom interior design

To achieve this, a space is designed in which the sensation while entering is of a futuristic and technological environment. Reinforced by the creation of wired prisms that are appreciated by the linear illumination of its edges. These prisms placed in series increase the sensation of depth of the space and frame the distribution of the simulators.

In addition, it is a flexible and multipurpose space, capable of adapting to the technological changes required by the sector

A chameleon-like container that accompanies the brand in its technological evolution

Caterpillar technology showroom display cubes
simulator in technology experience at Caterpillar Malaga
showroom Caterpillar Technology Experience

The Leading Factor

It is said that light is the fourth dimension of architecture. In this interior design, it was the main tool to create the WOW effect the client was looking for.

lighting design in the Caterpillar Malaga technology showroom

It creates a spatial and luminous show that leaves no one indifferent.

First, visitors are received in an anteroom enclosed by a curtain. A theatrical space with a neutral monochrome design that acts as a filter to the outside world. Here, the group is introduced to the show to come

Next, the curtain opens to an explosion of color. The black light is activated showing corporate graffiti. A disruptive intervention that shows the “grunge” side of the brand.

Caterpillar’s real customer is the one who gets mud on its hands.

The walls become a large photoluminescent paint mural with graphic motifs related to Caterpillar’s own machinery and work.

photoluminescent graffiti in Caterpillar technology experience

Next, the graffiti disappears, making way to the real protagonist: Caterpillar’s cutting-edge technology. Light boxes illuminate their edges to frame simulators and remote control machines, among other technological advances. These, in turn, have an accent light above them to become the “jewels” of the technology room.

remote control machine in technological room

The result is futuristic and grunge space branding that aims to combine technology and development with the brand’s industry.

Caterpillar TX interior signage