caterpillar office interior design

A powerful axis designed for visitors’ branding experiences runs through the office, accompanied by textures, corporate colors and company values. It is committed to open jobs that are complemented by spaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and concentration.

LOCATION | PTA, Technological Park of Andalusia, Malaga

AREA | 541m²




Construction Verosa and Photography Lefoto

CATEGORY | Space branding, office design, corporate interior design, graphic application of the brand, office distribution, specialized space design, interior design, interior design, interior design, architecture, interior architecture, spaces, decoration

AUTHOR | Dika estudio creativo SL and his personal resume Daniel Guevara

Access to building with Andalusian style

The project consists of the design of the Caterpillar Málaga offices. This international titan is a world leader in the sale and manufacture of construction machinery. In Malaga, next to the Andalusian Technology Park (PTA), it has a Demonstration and Learning Center, with an occupation of more than 105 hectares

The office is located inside an old Andalusian farmhouse, which is part of the history of the site. In this sense, the client is committed to maintaining its origins and the great challenge of the project was to achieve the “wow” effect at the entrance of the office.

Exterior / interior contrast

A comprehensive makeover that speaks of the values ​​and identity of the Caterpillar brand, in short, a spatial branding project.

Reception and waiting room
View of the central axis from the entrance

office layout and design

The office design project begins by changing the layout.

An open work space (open plan) is proposed, combined with the design of open or closed spaces that provide added value. The office has offices, meeting rooms or micro-offices for individual concentration work or quick team meetings. A set of spaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and concentration.

Meeting rooms
High table for chance encounters
Workstations area (open plan) and offices

After a thorough analysis of the organization chart and the internal functioning of the company, it was decided to group the jobs by departments. A central band is created in the office that groups the offices of the heads of departments and the rest of the closed spaces, placing them close to the workers.

Offices for department coordinators
Yellow micro office, staging area

new brand experience

In the central part, a powerful axis is created designed for the brand experience of the visitors that crosses the office, accompanied by textures, corporate colors and company values.

View of the central axis from the access to the patio

There is a geometric game on the floor and ceiling that has to do with the geometry of the Caterpillar logo and the values ​​of the brand.

office design and materiality

In the design of open offices, acoustic comfort is essential. For this reason, it is committed to carpet flooring and sound absorbing ceiling, which improve the acoustic conditioning of the office.

Micro-offices for quick meetings

The neutral colors of the open workspace are combined with the corporate colors. Additionally, powerful splashes of color are introduced into the micro-offices to help workers and visitors find their way into the office.

All materials are carefully selected in search of sustainability.