graphic design Covid-free

The design of the quality seal that accredits the protocols against Covid and an explanatory dossier, are the new graphic needs in times of pandemic. A graphic design that reflects the corporate identity through shapes and colors.



SSA Consultores

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Logo for the covid protocol of SSA Consultores
Design of a new quality seal – Covid-19 Protocol Implemented

The Covid-free graphic design for SSA Consultores, food safety consultants, was a job as necessary as it was spontaneous.

The need arose for a seal that could identify establishments that comply with all the required security protocols after the appearance of the Covid-19 virus.

Covid-free sticker graphic design for establishments
Sticker with Seal for establishments

It is a quality seal that is graphically designed in the same aesthetic line as its existing brand.

As starting points:

  • Respect for the branding of the company, using its color palette and fonts.
  • An element that transmitted protection: the shield.
  • Some element that graphically identifies the virus.
Covid certificate design for SSA Consultores
Covid-19 Protocol Certificate

The Covid-free graphic design of this label works as a graphic resource that can be accommodated in a wide variety of document formats. Its design allows integration into any design that respects the standards of the graphic identity of the company.

Explanatory brochure design for SSA Consultores
Explanatory brochure Covid-19
Dossier graphic design against the covid for SSA
Explanatory dossier with solutions and processes for Covid 19

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