pinosol pharmacy ecommerce design

After branding and interior design of the pharmacy, Pinosol bets on ecommerce. Web design and graphic design give continuity to the brand: close, intuitive, fresh and with corporate colors recognizable by its clients.



Daniel Natoli

CATEGORY | graphic design, web design, online store design, responsive web, ecommerce, branding, corporate image, brand image, pharmacy design


The ecommerce design for the Pinosol pharmacy online store was considered from the beginning as an extension of the spatial branding designed for its physical establishment. The interior design was inspired by its graphic identity, where the use of colors and the optimization of space were decisive. You can see the interior design for the Pinosol pharmacy here.

Ecommerce design for Pinosol Pharmacy

Taking the interior design of the establishment as a reference, the design of an ecommerce was developed that would continue with the discourse of its corporate image. A fresh, intuitive and close portal.

Graphic design for the Pinosol Pharmacy ecommerce

A new virtual access to a pharmacy that has more than 40 years of experience. The step towards the vitality and dynamism of branding demanded the leap to technological updating. A web design that does not lose the neighborhood character with which this business was born.

Mobile application of the Pinosol pharmacy web design

In an environment full of screens, you cannot understand a web design without having the ability to adapt to any screen format. The responsive design that helps Pinosol Pharmacy to reach anywhere and at any time on a daily basis.

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