equipo de filbak compartiendo experiencias

Sharing experiences

Nowadays it is as important to do things well, as knowing how to transmit it to the world. However, at Filbak we want to go one step further. We love to learn in our day-to-day lives from clients, colleagues, sales representatives, the trades we work with … And now, in addition, we can do it together with the educational community by getting involved in design training.

training in design

This year has been a step forward in that direction. Our co-founder and director of projects Laura Díaz, has begun to teach in the Interior Design Degree at EADE University, in Malaga.

In addition, we have recently been invited to share our work with the students of the José Nogué Art School in Jaén.

And, just a week ago, with the students of the Master in Basic Fundamentals in Interior Design, from the EADE Malaga University, in a masterclass. In both, we have enjoyed sharing our ideas, experiences, way of working and some projects.

formación en diseño a través de conferencia

However, the real value is that the profit is always bi-directional. These experiences make us catch up with new ideas and rethink issues that we took for granted. In short, they make us grow as professionals and as people.

contributing to society

Outside the educational field, we also participate with different media in the dissemination of our profession as part of the Malaga business fabric.

You can hear Daniel Guevara, our chief strategic officer and co-founder, in the following interviews:

Málaga Empresarial radio show, EsRadio

Málaga al Día radio show, Canal Málaga Radio (from minute 05:30′)

The path to design training, both for future professionals and for society, advances unstoppably. And we will be there to do our bit and make design known as a mechanism to improve people’s lives (at a spatial, functional, comfort level …), beyond the aesthetic aspect.

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