IMFE Málaga offices

Graphic elements and corporate colors that express the services of the IMFE invade the interior design of the office and generate the brand identity. Thanks to spatial branding, the set of offices of the Malaga City Council become corporate offices that improve the user experience.

LOCATION | Victoria Street, Málaga

AREA | 560m²


IMFE Malaga’s town hall


Photography Lefoto

CATEGORY | Spatial branding, office design, corporate interior design, graphic application of the brand, office layout, specialized space design, interior design, branding, graphic design, interior design, interior design, architecture, interior architecture, spaces, decoration

AUTHOR | Dika estudio creativo SL and his personal resume Daniel Guevara

Facade design for premises on Victoria Street
Lettering of corporate windows
Facade signage and signage
Positive phrases for entrepreneurs
Facade design with access