micro office for open plan

The personalized design of these micro offices allows them to provide the comfort, concentration, meeting space and privacy that workers need. A great ally of open workspaces in office design.

LOCATION | PTA, Technological Park of Andalusia, Malaga

AREA | 1,60m² (individual) y 3,10m² (meeting)




Carpenter  Hnos. Miranda, Photography Lefoto

CATEGORY | spatial branding, office design, corporate interior design, specialized space design, office decoration, micro-office design, phonebox design, hush lay design, hush meet design, meeting room, interior design, interior design, interior design, personalized design, personalized furniture, acoustic conditioning, comfort

AUTHOR | Dika estudio creativo SL and his personal resume Daniel Guevara

Micro-office for each department
Meeting area and individual concentration area
Quick meeting spaces
Acoustic padding for meetings
Hush phone en Caterpillar
Diseño interior de una phone box.
Integration with workstations